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FUSCHLSEE Bio Apple Cider 330ml

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UPC: 9180001820010
Brand: Austrian Cider Company

‘Fuschlsee’ is a refreshing dry apple cider made from Gala, Topaz and Pinova apples. Best enjoyed while making lasting memories. No added sugar. No concentrate. Just fresh apples.

After moving to Austria from England, I really missed the feeling of drinking cider while relaxing with my mates. It turns out, with the right ingredients, it was a lot easier to make the great cider I missed, than was to force my friends to emigrate. So, I started the Austrian Cider Company.

In my ciders I combine the best of my old home with my new one. That’s why I only use hand-picked (some by me personally) organic apples from my farmer Stephan’s beautiful orchard in the Mühlviertel.

What the experts say:

"Pale gold colour with a slight haze. Good carbonation. Light green apple and honey aromas. Dry on the palate; balanced acids with a floral/vinous white wine taste." - World Cider Awards 2020 - Silver Medal

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