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PRIDE Limited Edition Bio Pear Cider 750ml

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UPC: 9180001820034
Brand: Austrian Cider Company

Es heißt man soll eben sein, wie man ist,

doch wie wir lieben will man nicht sehen.

Nur wenn jetzt niemand auf keinen vergisst,

können wir einander wirklich gut verstehen.

Der Regenbogen zeigt das Gold alleine dann

sofern auch alle Farben sichtbar wären.

Sowie der Cider auch nur schmecken kann

Wenn die Birnen lang genug schon gären.

Autorin - Marlene Anzengruber

The Pride Limited Edition bio pear cider is an sparkling medium pear cider made from 2 varieties of organically grown traditional Austrian cider pears - Grüne Pichlbirne and Speckbirne. Expect to taste the gentle sweetness of fresh green pears, with a crisp acidity and a long finish. 50% of the profits made on this cider will be donated to Queer Base, a Vienna based charity who welcome and support LGBTQ+ refugees. Best enjoyed WHILE CELEBRATING PRIDE OF COURSE!

For the Austrian Cider Company's second cider I wanted to do something really special, both in terms of what was in the bottle, and what the bottle represented. I couldn't think of any better way to do that than by taking traditional pear varieties and turning them on their head. Using heritage varieties to celebrate the beauty that diversity brings this world, and in doing so raising money for an incredible cause. Being a straight white man, I am of course in an incredibly privileged position. With this project I wanted to use the resources I have available to provide a platform for voices of the LGBTQ+ community. The poem you can read above was commissioned for the bottle label, and written by the amazing Marlene, an LGBTQ+ poet from Salzburg. Marlene also chose Queer Base as the charity which will receive the money raised by this cider. They really do incredible work, and if you would like to find out more about them (their website is also available in English, or donate to them, then please go to their website:

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